Best Free Shopify themes for your online store

Hundreds of thousands of online stores use Shopify as their ecommerce platform. Shopify Themes simplifie the process of creating online businesses and offers a variety of services.

However, there are still some things that you will have to figure out by yourself.

Pick the best Shopify theme for your e-commerce!

In terms of themes, the ones available on Shopify offer some benefits such as mobile responsive and customization.

However, the free options are quite limited. Our clients usually have problems when identifying which theme fits better to their store. Sometimes it is not about which themes are better or worse, instead what fits better for the type of store. Using a paid theme template, a free one, or even a customized one, not guarantee you more conversions. For that reason, this blog post focus on the free themes we consider the best options according to each kind of store.

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This wide-layout theme is perfect for beginners that are not familiar with web design and for stores with a medium to large-sized inventory. It comes with a lot of extra features like collection and product views, and also typography choices and navigation styles.

This theme also allows you to add a picture as your home page background, zoom in on your images, display related products and allows visitors to filter your products. Overall, it is a clean design that gives you the opportunity to focus the visitor’s attention on the items you are selling.


This theme is very stylish and simple; and one of the most popular Shopify themes. It is perfect for accessories or clothing stores. It focuses on the images in order to avoid distractions, making the products are always on the spotlight and offers some customizable options like changing images, colors and fonts.

The theme is also very easy to install. With its modern design, it includes a dynamic product grid, its own unique typography and an edge-to-edge homepage slideshow. It also allows you to feature blog content on your store.


The “Narrative” theme is perfect for stores which offer a small array of products. You obtain a lot of detail and flexibility due to its customizable content sections on its home page. For instance, it allows you to set a video that your visitors can see as soon as they land on your homepage.

With it you can show your brand or product story visually, using engaging animations, large imagery, and other cool features.  Really easy to manage and configure.


“Venture” theme is designed for stores with a large number of products and different categories. It is normally used by sports equipment and goods stores.

This enables you to change colors and fonts and includes multi-column drop-down menus and a promotional bar (perfect for showing coupons and special offers) among other options. It offers visitors a faster and more convenient navigation across the site.


“Supply” is an Amazon-inspired theme designed for stores with medium to very large inventories. Due to this, it provides you with a filtering sidebar in order to make it easier for visitors to find the products they are looking for.

The theme is really easy-to-navigate and it manages to look modern and old-school at the same time. It also integrates with the App “Product Reviews” so users can review your products on your site. This way, it helps you create a community of loyal customers who help each other.

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