Top D2C Brands in India

Traditionally, any small retail business needed distributors like supermarkets and other retail outlets to make their product reach the masses. This meant sharing a great deal of profit with wholesalers and retailers. The only direct relationship manufacturers could secure with consumers was through unorganized door-to-door selling which became outdated and of little use in understanding … Read more

How These 5 Direct to Consumer Brands Are Changing e-commerce

Every Direct to Consumer company does advertising a little differently. We’ve examined eight D2C companies that all share one thing in common: their one-of-a-kind approach to marketing and advertising has brought them lots of recognition, customers, and revenue. Let’s examine these five Direct to Consumer e-Commerce companies and discuss what you can take away from … Read more


Manufacturers and distributors had clearly agreed-upon rules – Manufacturers made products, distributors/retailers bought it in large volumes and sold it to end customers at a higher price. But that was the case only till eCommerce technologies intervened and changed things for good. Handling end customers is no more complicated, thanks to eCommerce platforms and operational … Read more

What is D2C e-commerce

As times change, more B2B businesses are moving towards D2C e-commerce strategies. What is D2C e-commerce? Direct-to-consumer e-commerce, popularly known as D2C or DTC e-commerce, is a term for an e-commerce model where traditional B2B businesses start selling directly to end-consumers. Like for example, farmers selling directly to a customer who will consume their produce. Difference … Read more

What are Push Notifications and How to Use them in 2021?

The volume of notifications that users receive daily is enormous. Therefore, it presents a ready opportunity for businesses to interact with their target segments on an elementary level. However, there is a method in the madness, and one must know how to use push notifications wisely. Why People Need These Notifications? A typical user maintains … Read more

5 Best Customer Retention Strategies For E-commerce

Surviving in the e-commerce industry is not that easy. Customers are always bombarded with amazing adverts trying to convince them to jump ship to another brand, and without a strong customer retention strategy, it just might work. Well, the good news is, if you’ve already convinced a customer to buy once, all you have to … Read more