Summer Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Summer is here! Even with all its warmth and splendor, it faces a pandemic that calls for an increase of efforts towards summer marketing campaigns. What is the best approach for online marketing strategies in this bleak time? Check these Summer Marketing Ideas! We’re here to give some marketing ideas for the summer that you … Read more

What Is Market Segmentation?

When trying to reach customers with a marketing message or ad campaign, targeting the right market with the right message is essential — If you aim too broadly, your message might reach a few people who end up becoming customers, but you’ll also reach a lot of people who aren’t interested in your products or … Read more

4 Types of Customer Segmentation All Marketers Should Know

Did you know that 65% to 75% of new products fail or miss their revenue targets? Why do you think that happens? Because they fail to understand what their customers truly want and instead follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Today, personalization is one of the most effective ways you can truly attract new customers and retain … Read more