The Future of Personalization in Ecommerce

Ecommerce personalization has been the hottest trend in customer engagement for a while now. Many consumers can hardly remember what it was like to visit a website that didn’t use at least some degree of this method to better engage with them. But we’ve barely even scratched the surface of what e-commerce personalization can do. … Read more

How to Get Started With Omnichannel Personalization

Omnichannel Personalization is the practice of creating customer experiences that are informed by real-time data from all channels and extending them across every touchpoint, to build consistent relationships with the customer everywhere they interact with the brand. A common misconception is that “omnichannel” means “within” multiple channels—in other words, that it’s a matter of taking … Read more

Why Hyper-Personalization Is The Future Of Marketing

We are living in the era of the ‘Evolved Consumer’, where consumers actively seek information to make informed decisions and don’t place their trust implicitly in brands. Consumer Behavior today is heavily reliant on Reviews, User Generated Content & Influencers. So how do you make your brand stand out and get noticed? By providing highly targeted, customized, and hyper-personalized experiences. … Read more

5 Steps to Achieving Omnichannel Personalization

Deliver on the Seamless Customer Experience Promise with a Phased Approach to Omnichannel Personalization As retailers settle into 2016 armed with predictions for leading industry trends, one movement that dominates the space is omnichannel. While not new, fierce competition from eCommerce giants, emerging technologies, and shifting consumer behavior have outpaced omnichannel integration. This has prompted … Read more

5 eCommerce Personalization Examples To Boost Conversions

Personalization is the future of eCommerce. It’s that simple. It would be easy to throw a ton of statistics at you. Like the fact that 91% of customers are more likely to buy from an online store that provides personalized experiences. Or the growing willingness among users to share their personal information in exchange for … Read more

What are the benefits of omnichannel marketing?

Consumers are making their ever-increasing buying power known when shopping and dealing with brands. They are more brand agnostic and used to the speed and convenience of personalized shopping. With customer preference and privacy taking center stage, it’s vital to stay relevant and overcome these continued challenges. Retailers need to: Understand consumers’ changing shopping habits, improve … Read more

Why is Personalization So Important in All Aspects Of Marketing?

Marketing has evolved considerably over time. From the printing press and simple ads to the digital world, today’s marketer relies heavily on data analytics and personalization. Personalization is no longer a buzz word because those who know of its importance are capitalizing it and reaping the benefits. Thanks to predictive analysis and cloud marketing solutions, … Read more

14 eCommerce Personalization Techniques To Dominate Your Competitors [2021]

eCommerce personalization done right lies in removing obstacles to purchase, and improving the customer experience. To use a famous marketing mantra: Whether it’s creating a personalized home page, a personalized product page, or personalized banners, the jury is in: personalization is here to stay. Here are our top eCommerce tips for you. Macro-level eCommerce Personalization … Read more